What the 5:2 Diet Entails

This diet is simple, which makes it popular. The reason is that you are able to mostly eat what you want each day of the week. It is advisable for dieters to eat a standard number of calories each week for five days.

After this, for two days (non-consecutive), simply consume 25% of the normal calorie total. For men this is 600 and 500 for women.  There is no limit on the kinds of food you can consume. For women, it is possible to lose around 1lb each week using this diet. Men lose around the same or slightly more.

5-2 Diet Review

Opinion of Kerry Torrens, Nutritional Therapist

The 5:2 and other similar diets involving intermittent diets are believed to be simpler to adhere to, compared to usual calorie limitation. One benefit is that it is not necessary for you to eliminate any groups of food.

Fasting presents an uncomplicated idea that seems to foster weight reduction, even though for some, the hunger gone through can be a restrictive element.

Some benefits of the 5:2 diet are:

  • Enhancing the working of the brain.
  • Lowering the danger of heart ailment, cancer and stroke.
  • Improving levels of cholesterol and controlling blood sugar, as well as slowing ageing. This is due to its likely impact on reducing levels of the hormone IGF-1 (Insulin-like Growth Factor-1).

More proof is being availed, in regard to the advantages of this kind of diet, even though it is clear that longer-term researches by humans are needed.

Similar to all diets, women who are expectant or breast-feeding, the ones taking medicine or diabetics need to get medical advice prior to starting on a controlled eating programme.

In addition, this kind of diet may be harmful for children and teenagers who will possibly lack essential nutrients required for development and might be in danger of acquiring harmful eating behaviors.

On days for fasting, some claim to experience lack of energy, reduced focus and feeling dizzy as well as having headaches. Using herbal teas and water to sustain your hydration is vital as dehydration can lead to fatigue and headaches.

Add protein and vegetables on days for fasting, as well as some carbs so as to assist to control and manage your appetite. In case you want to adhere to the diet, ensure that on the days you are not fasting, there are lots of nutritious options such as vegetables, fruit, whole grains as well as lean protein like turkey, fish and dairy foods.

Some people who participate prefer going into fasting by initially beginning to prolong the time between their dinner and the following day’s breakfast. A gap of minimum12 hours is advisable.

Do not fast for two continuous days, rather, split up your week, for instance by fasting on Tuesday and Friday. This assists to avoid fatigue.

When adhering to any diet that is low in calorie, it is vital to ensure each calorie works; this signifies selecting foods that are rich in nutrients.

It is a lot better for you to choose lean protein such as vegetables and poultry, instead of ready meals that are calorie-counted. The latter option might appear the simplest; however, they do not offer much satisfaction.