Girl Power

Sally Moss is a lady who has lifted weights for many years and has a passion for it. Some years back, she began a strength blog known as

The interactions she had on this blog through the years inspired her to work harder so as to encourage ladies to lift heavy. She therefore began a weight-training course in the UK for women and taught by women.

The course is known as ‘Ladies Who Lift.’ Classes occur in power racks and Sally Moss teaches deadlift, squat lifts and bench. Emphasis is laid on how to engage in this activity on your own without depending on a trainer to set up everything for you and instruct you on what action to take.

It took about one year for the course to materialize and it has greatly flourished.

Sally Moss Power Lifting

Is it essential to have classes solely for women?

Initially, Sally Moss was unsure whether a weight-training course just for women would be effective. The idea appeared to be intimidating, such as giving women special treatment, such as requiring more assistance and special treatment.

It was not certain that there would be a reasonable number of fans. But, Sally Moss reasoned that as men assist one another throughout in the gym, women could do the same.

Even if a woman is not strong and lacks confidence, this does not signify that she will not derive pleasure from lifting and benefit a lot from it after the basics are shown to her and she becomes confident.

Being keen to lift barbell is in itself an achievement.

Why an Environment for Women only was chosen

Sally does not encourage women to train in an environment consisting of just women, forever. However, so as to begin and create confidence, an environment of all female is a brilliant answer for a lot of women.

Firstly, the learning environment provides more comfort for a lot of women, when men are not around. You engage in lifting with individuals who are of the same size, body composition and strength level. One feels they do not need to prove themselves and you are not being discriminated for being different. Women are given workouts, which are similar to what men are given, not lighter or simpler versions.

An environment that just has women is the strongest counterpoint to the conventional male perspective of weight training. You might obtain the precise same instruction in a group that is mixed or has mainly men; however, the effect would not be similar as in a group with just women and being educated by a woman.

Women have the ability to lift weights and become teachers and experts in weight training as well. It does not mean that women should be ‘allowed’ into a man’s world. Being informed by a man that ‘women need to train using weights’ might be helpful but at times difficult to believe. It is more powerful when a woman says this same truth.

 Female Strength Coach

A lot of ladies who take part in the beginners’ course for ‘Ladies Who Lift’ proceed to join lifting gyms in the locality and train with men. They are able to do this as they are confident and are aware of what they are doing.